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"Dave Gage is one of the new generation of harmonica players. His use of the 'tongue-switching' technique to create different sounds and a rock style on the harmonica is unique..."

"...but for me (on this night) the guy who had my mouth dropping open in amazement was Dave Gage. Dave played blues harp. Man, could this dude blow a mean harp. The guy was absolutely incredible."

Kathie Dee
Metal News

"Dave Gage is one of the new generation of harmonica players. His use of the 'tongue-switching' technique to create different sounds and a rock style on the harmonica is unique. This technique/sound is the closest you will find, to duplicating on harmonica, the guitar playing style of 'tapping' (a la Eddie Van Halen). His playing is melodic, technically proficient, soulful and innovative. No one in the world plays harmonica like him."

L.A. Express

"Dave Gage is more a rock harp player than a blues harp player, although his blues background certainly shows on this record. The record features a variety of rock numbers with a few slower pieces interspersed. Dave plays very powerfully and fast, clearly treading the territory of an electric rock guitar, using a variety of effects and distorsions to get a dynamite sound. He plays mostly diatonic, but there is a very interesting intro on chromatic to the cover of Stormy Monday. There are quite a few blues covers on this record actually, and I wish that the choice of repertoire had been more rock oriented, since I sometimes feel that Dave and his boys stay too close from blues and it hinders their capacity to be different. Still, if you like rock music and a powerful harp sound, you should like this record."

Planet Harmonica
(from review of "Love You Just The Same")

"I've only heard the GAGE Band once but they did leave an impression. It's hard for me to describe because harmonica players don't sound like this, guitar players do. I'd recommend their album to anyone who plays harmonica or guitar. It's something you should check out."

Chris Gill
Editor & Writer
Guitar Player Magazine

"I thought it might be nice to introduce everybody to some wonderful recordings by another great player named Dave Gage, whom I met here in California. I have two recordings of his, one called "The Dave Gage Band" and the other"Well You Can't, Now You Can". Both were released by AYM Records (at least one on CD) and I know they are availble at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, California, where Dave teaches. The style of this music is mostly rock & blues and Dave's style of playing is at times "reminiscent", but very different from John Popper's style. Through different techniques, Dave has also reached the highest levels of technical prowess and refined this to an amazing art. In addition, the recordings feature the harp as the main instrument in a variety of forms that are surprising and delightful."

Michael Polesky
Harp-L Archives: John Popper/Dave Gage

"Dave Gage puts forward a 90's Rock/Heavy Metal approach rather than a bluesy one, although his style doesn't depart as radically from blues as say, John Popper's. That being said, the music samples on his site feature a percussive and fast style that reminds me of classic american rock."

Benoit Felten
Harp Players on the Web

"Inshallah lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate jolielaide."

Mark Mothersbaugh
Leader of group DEVO

"...I know, none of this is HARRRRD rock. That seems to be the province of the diatonic. By the way, there's a new record out by a guy named Dave Gage. I met him last year in LA and he gave me a sampler tape, which is now an actual album. He uses all kinds of electronic effects normally associated with electric hard rock guitar, and gets some really wild sounds with the diatonic. "

Winslow Yerxa
Harp-L Archives: Rock?

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